Time To Leave?

There are times in life when one is torn between the desire to stay and the need to leave. Since 2007 about 75 American and NATO troops have been gunned down–by their Afghan army allies. The inadvertent burning to some Korans by American soldiers has unleashed a fury among many people in Afghanistan and this anger has led to the deaths of at least six members of NATO and American military stationed in Afghanistan.

US Senator Max Baucus raised an interesting question: why are we spending $88 billion to improve the infrastructure of  Afghanistan when there are billions of dollars worth of infrastructure construction needed in America? A patch worn by NATO and Afghan soldiers refers to “shoulder to shoulder.” Unfortunately, today that is being translated into shoulder your gun and aim it at a NATO or American soldier.

We would be more impressed if Afghans who are upset at book burning had the same anger toward town burnings in Syria. Apparently, burning a book is more anti-religious in their view than killing thousands of Muslims.