Time To Legalize Drugs Argues UK MP

Finally, a voice of sanity about drugs. UK MP, Bob Ainsworth, made some emperor without clothes remarks concerning the failed policy on drugs which has existed for nearly a century. He centered debate on two critical issues: “leaving the drug market in the hands of criminals causes huge and unnecessary harm to individuals.” As long as drugs are deemed to be illegal, it opens the market for these products to be controlled by drug lords whose murderous campaign in nations like Mexico has resulted in chaos, corruption, as well as death for nearly 25,000 people in the past five years. The United States made consumption of alcohol illegal and thus spawned a decade of crime, of murder, of government corruption, and in the end, nothing changed except that people drank worse alcohol and more became ill. Ainsworth has called for an intelligent debate rather than continue failed policies that no one believes are working. Labor Leader, Ed Miliband was upset because making drugs legal sends “the wrong message” to youth. “I am all in favor of fresh thinking on drugs.” In the Miliband conception of “fresh thinking,” we devote time figuring how more and more police are needed.

Step One: Decriminalize soft drugs like cannabis and quit placing people in jails for using a drug that will not make them ill

Step Two: Initiating trial programs in which addicts work in government programs that allow use of drugs while working to help them get off drugs.

  • paul mc govern

    as a cannabis smoker i think it should be legal not just because i smoke it but because there would be millions to be made by making people pay tax are vat witch would help with the fundamentil issues in the uk. plus just lookat the amount of violents due to drink when would you ever see a person getting stoned and going out to start a row it just dosent happin.