Time To Move On From Libya?

The UK newspaper, the Independent, has obtained a copy of a document supposedly written by Libyan Prime Minister Al-Baghdadi al-Mahmoud in which he proposes and end to fighting. The essence of the letter is a promise to institute a cease fire that would be supervised by the UN and the African Union with a promise of regime change to follow. The letter says: “the future of Libya will be radically different from the one that existed three months ago…. we must stop the fighting, start talking, agree on a new Constitution, and create a system of government that reflects the reality of our society, and conforms to the demands of contemporary governance.” For some reason, the letter does not refer to Muammar Gaddafi or his place in the transition.

Perhaps, it is time to place the needs of Libyans before the desire for punishment of their brutal dictator, Muammar Gaddafi. He deserves to be sent to prison, but reality is peace could be achieved and lives could be saved by allowing this two-bit punk to remain in office for a few months before he flies off to Saudi Arabia. Save lives even if it means saving the life of a thug.