Times Sqaure Follies

It was just another Saturday night in Times Square. Thousands of people wandering the streets, people jostling one another, guys shouting something into the air to let off steam and your ordinary crowd of weird folk. They mumble, they curse, they shout, they stumble, they utter a few profanities and hold out a hand for some pennies. The normal group of men and women who inhabit Times Square. Cops stroll along the street eyes glued to see if there is a prostitute or someone who might cause trouble to the tourists who fill the streets of New York City. Glenn Broadnax was a man who frequented the area. A bit goofy, a mumbler and stumbler in life. A cop noticed him, approached the man who was talking to himself and inquired something of the Times Square inhabitant. It is unclear what happened at this point. The cop wanted something, Glenn reached into his pocket and soon shots filled the air.

It turned out that Glenn was reaching for his Metrocard. The police thought it was a gun and blasted away. Not a bullet touched Glenn, but two women were wounded in action. I guess the Metrocard was secured and Glenn went off to jail. His crime–reaching for his Metrocard.