Tip Toe Politely In Ankara

It increasingly is clear that Turkish society is split with about 35% of its people seeking to RETAIN the current society and most of the remainder seeks to impose changes that increase the power of those supporting more religious tones to life. The battle in Istanbul over a park really has nothing to do with the part, it is a response to the increasingly authoritarian rule of Prime Minister Recep Erdogan. His attempt to destroy a park and replace it with a mall is simply Recep in action as the man who does what he desires and you had better shut up or spend time in prison.

Demonstrations in Ankara reveal the same split.Youth is confronting government leadership and their conflict centers around the rights of people to protest. Hundreds were blasted by water, beaten with batons and dragged to jail. A few dozen are either in jail or must appear in court. Erdogan can readily beat up people, but the end result will be a divided nation.