Tip Toeing With Taliban?

Within a few months the United States will celebrate, recall, or however one classifies the event as the tenth anniversary of fighting in Afghanistan. Washington’s special envoy to Afghanistan, March Grossman, told members of the media, he was looking for “persons or groups who can provide us access to Mullah Omar, who can demonstrate their ability to approach Mullah Omar and get him on board, who can get to Mullah Omar to open talks.” As I faintly recall, we drove Mullah Omar from power in 2001 so it has taken us ten years to figure out the guy we wanted to kill was really the guy we want to talk about in order to return to peace which ended when we drove him from power. Last month, the German newspaper, Der Spiegel claimed Germany was trying to contact the personal secretary of Mullah Omar. Tayyab Aga was last seen running for his life from US forces in the fall of 2001. Of course, no one really knows if Aga is still the secretary of Mullah Omar.

In the meantime, back in Kabul Afghan President Karzai is warning western forces to quit bombing and killing innocent civilians or ELSE! It is still not clear as to the meaning of, OR ELSE, but we can assume it means something. Of course, I have a funny feeling if we gave Karzai a few more billion dollars, we would not hear about OR ELSE!

Let’s face reality. Afghanistan is a mess, it is a mystery as to how to proceed and we are left with an unsolved enigma.