To Block Or Not To Block?

A silly YouTube video appeared and it has led to widespread riots and deaths all over the Muslim world. Demonstraters are burning embassies, killing foreigners, and letting the world know their anger at this inept movie. Several nations have called upon YouTube to block access to the video. In Russia, prosecutors have asked a Moscow court to outlaw the “Innocense of Muslim” film and have it taken off YouTube. The Russian government fears the film will stir up Muslims within the nation and cause many to die.

Demonstraters in Bangkok argue the American government is to blame  for the film because it allows  freedom of speech. One participant said, “freedom of speech should not harm anyone.” There is a huge gap in how differing societies   interpret “freedom of speech.” For some, free speech means remaining within the contours of accepted speech. For others there is free speech and no restrictions unless  the famous not being able to shout, “fire” in a crowded theater.

So, is this film an example of shouting fire in a crowded theater?