To Bomb Or Not Bomb In Afghanistan?

The ongoing debate concerning use of air strikes against the Taliban once again created problems in Afghanistan. Taliban forces hijacked two fuel tankers which they probably wanted to use as part of a suicide attack on a German army base. As the Taliban drove the trucks away they became stuck in mud as they attempted crossing a river. The Taliban told local villagers they could come to the immobilized tankers and take as much oil as they desired. Afghan government sources said about 70 people were killed with NATO planes blasted the tankers and only a few were civilians.

Local figures on death range from 70 to 90 and they claim only about 30 of the dead were militants. German troops reached the area several hours after the air strike and refused to allow any members of the media to accompany them on the mission.

The reality is we probably will never receive an accurate figure on civilian death totals. However, there is no question civilians died in the air strike.

Local officials have a somewhat different version of the attack.