To Cut Or Not To Cut In World Of Multiculturalism?

Every so often in the world of multiculturalism political correctness an issue arises which presents dilemmas that even the most important sages of respecting cultural rights find difficult to resolve. An aboriginal boy in Canada was working at his computer and encountered difficulty seeing due to some bangs which got in the way of reading. A teaching assistant took him into the corridor and cut a few strands of hair off in order to aid his reading. She is now suspended and there is talk of a law suit by parents because the boy lost some strands of hair. Ah, the dilemmas of life!

Everyone agrees the teacher aide simply was trying to help the boy see and was not upset at his long hair, but this misses the point of the modern world. The mother has hired a lawyer who specializes in human rights. After all, we all know that hair length is among the most important human rights of the twentieth century.