To End Of Space

In 1977, the US sent a rocket into the sky named Voyager I. Within a few months this rocket will have reached the end of our solar system and will enter a new domain of space. Frankly, no one knows what this means, frankly, we will all be dead if some answer to what is being discovered every returns to planet Earth. We have reached the boundary of time and space. Unfortunately, we do not have the starship, Enterprise and Captain Kirk to report back. Silence awaits.

It is ironic that as a human entity, Voyager I, enters a new aspect of time and space, we back on planet Earth still can not imagine even resolving our own petty problems. Heck, in America, we can not even provide health care to people without  Republicans proclaiming the end of civilization.

Too bad we can not load the Republican party onto a rocket and send it into space.