To Niqab Or Not To Niqab?

Oh well, the niqab wars are on in Egypt as both sides take up face coverings in order to protect their right to see or not to see faces. Adminstrators at Cairo University and the Ministry of Education have banned women wearing the niqab if they are taking exams, supposedly on the ground that authorities should be able to view the face of a woman who is taking an exam. They are also banned from entering dormitorie while wearing the face covering. Several females have petitioned th school administration for permission to wear the niqab at exam time and offered to reveal their faces to a female staff member. Many students argue they have a right to wear what they desire and to deny that right is akin to denying freedom of expression.

We offer a solution. Have all exams taken online and allow people to wear whatever they desire in special rooms throughout the campus. Or, require all females to be naked while taking the exam except for the niqab and then we can argue about something else. Isn’t it about time to end the silly niqab war and simply allow women to decide what they wear?