To Nuke Or Not To Nuke Is The Question?

The Israel government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is debating whether or not to launch attacks on Iran, and possibly create chaos in the Middle East. After all, Bibi is the guy who refuses to negotiate with Palestinian leaders unless they agree to all his demands. That is what is termed, “negotiation” between Israel leaders and those of other groups. To understand the mind of Bbi we offer a simple diagram:

1. The other side seeks to conduct negotiation based on compromise.

2. “Compromise” in Hebrew spells “you agree with me and I promise to agree with you.”

3. I can kill your civilians but if you kill one of my civilians that means war.

4. Perhaps, there will be retaliation for an Israel raid in Iran,  but since no one can prove that will occur, we can proceed doing it.

US Secretary of  Defense Leon Panetta says he has no idea what Israel will or will not do about Iran. Before coming to a conclusion, he will have to check with the Jewish Lobby in America.