To Nuke Or Not To Nuke?

To develop nuclear energy plants or not to build nuclear energy plants is now the question of the hour. The disaster in Japan provides evidence constructing nuclear plants in area which are subject to earthquakes may not be the most responsible manner of dealing with nuclear energy At least two Japanese nuclear plants are sending out radiation into the atmosphere and it is still uncertain whether or not one of these plants will explode. Those involved in development of nuclear energy are now rethinking the entire process and wondering if it is possible to secure from governments and local populations support for these edifices. Frankly, we do not know how to deal with this issue, but we do know it must be confronted and those within the physical environs of such plants should be provided the economic means to leave if they fear for their safety.

It is a tough call, but if an individual is living in the area they should have the right to leave–and be paid for their homes. On the other hand, perhaps we could use a nice controlled atomic disaster. It at least would create jobs.