To Run Or Not To Run, A Question For Tsvangirai

Zimbabwe’s opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC), waited six weeks to finally obtain results of the presidential race which its candidate, Morgan Tsvangirai won. The MDC knows President Mugabe has used the intervening time to alter vote counts and to initiate a campaign of terror against those who voted against him. Tsvangirai, who remains out of the country for his own protection, now must decide whether to engage in a runoff whose outcome most probably has already been decided by Mugabe or to boycott the election. A boycott means Mugabe wins by default. A breakaway faction of MDC, led by Arthur Mutambara, urged Tsvangirai to contest Mugabe even though the election will most probably be fraudulent. They indicated they would support Tsvangirai in any runoff.

If Tsvangirai boycotts the runoff, Mugabe automatically wins. If Tsvangirai contests the election whose outcome most probably is already being decided by henchmen of Mugabe, then he legitimizes the Mugabe victory. Frankly, it is a lose-lose situation and a win-win one for Mugabe.

  • ash

    MDC Shall participate in runoff as the time for change is now. Human psychology tells that at the apex of a tyrant rule, people stop talking they take action. My friends from Zim living in Zambia tell me… they will go to vote for Tsvangirai (most of these did not travel on 29th March) in the runoff. Silent majority also will vote for Tsvangirai to give shock of his lifetime Not to Mugabe but more to his henchmen who will suffer more after he is removed from seat of power. Army generals and Airforce commander your time is coming as well. Last kicks of the dying asses!!!

  • Fred Stopsky

    I hope you are right.