To Russia With Love And Hope

The “angry ones” are shouting once again that President Obama has “weakened” America by canceling the Bush program for missile bases on the border of Russia. Ironically, Obama defended the Bush program by noting on TV, “Russia has always been paranoid about this, but George Bush was right on this. This (missile bases) wasn’t a threat to them.” Really, if the Bush missile bases were not directed at Russia why did he turn down an offer from Russia to locate the bases inside their country?
Obama has fallen into the trap of describing the need for missile defenses as directed against Iran. The first assumption of this idea is the presence within the Iranian government of a desire to send missiles toward Europe? Why? This assumes that Iranian leaders are stark raving mad because European nations possess missiles as well as atomic weapons.

Secondly, most Iranian launched missiles would have to cross Russia which presently defends them in the UN Security Council. How about returning to reality. There is no threat of an Iranian missile attack on