To Russia With Love

The Berlin Wall was torn down in 1991 as people in Europe decided it was time to end decades of rule by the Soviet Union. In the aftermath of this act, hope arose, not only in Russia, but throughout Europe that a new day was dawning in which totalitarian ideas would cease for the people of Russia. Ah, that was then, and today is now for a land controlled by a former agent of the KGB who goes by the name of Vladimir Putin. The European Union  send a clear message to Putin Land that a July law which declares that NGOs which receive any funding from outside sources must register as “foreign agents.”

In other words, if an NGO whose goal is to reduce violence against gays received a  single ruble from a non-European source it must now admit it works as an agent for foreigners. The law is simply another ploy by Putin to crack down on those who do not accept his rule. The dream of 1991 has come to an end in Russia. A dictator by any name is still a dictator.