To Siberia With Love– And Some Violence!

German authorities n the state of Hesse became so exasperated with the anti-social behavior of a 16 year-old boy they sent him to a remote Siberian village for an “intensive educational experience.” The boy was sent eastward after attacking his mother and being violent in school and among other children. Now, in Siberia, he must fend for himself in a boot camp-style environment in the village of Sedlnikovo. He has to collect and chop wood in order to heat himself with a fire, dig his own hole for toilet needs, and pump water from a well. He is to remain in Sibera for three monhs and is under the supervision of a German who speaks Russian. The assistant provides schooling for the boy. If the youngster doesn’t chop firewood, he is cold. It appears hundreds of other youths have been sent to similar isolated places ranging from greece to Kyrgyzstan. The cost if $240 a day.

This is certainly a novel experiment in dealing with violence in humans. I wonder if any government has considered using this approach in dealing with adult violent behavior. For example, why not send George Bush to a mountain boot camp in Afghanistan where he can experience what it is like to be fighting in such locales? Or, how about Dick Cheney in the forests of Africa where he can fend for himself hunting game in order to eat? The possibilities for ending violence in the world are infinite if we try this approach. Now, as for Rudy Giuliani, he needs a mountain top in India where he spends all day giving his speech about how he saved America on 9/11.