To Strip Or Not To Strip, That Is Question Of Era!

The legislature of Iceland had nothing to do with its time, given that the nation just went into bankruptcy due to fiscal mismanagement of the economy. The people of Iceland owe billions of dollars to other nations, but that is not on the mind of its leaders. Instead, they wish to deal with weighty issues such as — are women allowed to engage in the ancient art of the striptease? The government made clear, “it is not acceptable that women or people in general area product to be sold.” I get lost when the reference is to either “women or people in general.” Who exactly are the “people in general?” What specifically is wrong with a woman or a man, taking off their clothes to the sound of music? After all, people strip off clothes on the beach and not one apparently is upset.

The issue is not whether or not one can strip off clothes, the issue is don’t legislatures have other things on their mind than who is or is not striping to the sound of music? Off with teh clothes, we say!