To The Mosques For Prayer And Guns

Karl Marx over a hundred years ago described religion as the “opiate” of the masses. In their frenzy to believe that “their God” was really “the God” individuals will beat, kill and destroy anyone who is not on the side of the “true God.” Naturally, the God who is my God is, by definition, “the true God.” Just check with the guy up in the sky if I am right. Thousands of supporters of former President Mohamed Morsi have flocked to mosques, turned them into military bastions and then are surprised when people wind up getting murdered in this supposed holy place which is a refuge for those seeking peace and reflection. Murder in Egypt is not barred from the doors of mosques. Heck, members of the Muslim Brotherhood find it perfectly natural to burn churches and murder Christians even though Mohammed urged tolerance for those of the Christian faith. I hate to inform members of the Muslim Brotherhood but Christians predate Muslims in Egypt by several hundred years.

Members of the Egyptian army are now storming mosques where they are greeted by men blasting away with their weapons of minor destruction. The end result is that over 800 have died in armed clashes with the MB and secular or moderate Islamic people in Egypt. Over two hundred police and members of the armed forces have died at the hand of MB followers. It grows more obvious each day that Egypt is on the Syrian road to civil war. Unfortunately, for the MB but there is no Iran or Russia to supply rebels with weapons to conduct a civil war. It is time to jaw,jaw,not war, war!