To Torture Or Not To Torture?

To torture the enemy or not to torture the enemy, that is the question which has bedeviled Americans for over a decade of war. A new film,  “Zero Dark Zero” offer the proposition that torture in pursuit of freedom is not torture it is simply an example of enhanced interrogation techniques. In plain English this means we have the right to waterboard, beat the hell out of prisoners and do whatever we desire to their bodies in order to avoid having the atomic bomb hidden in Los Angeles go off and kill thousands. A Senate Intelligence Committee which investigated these procedures did not find any evidence they led to significant information to prevent atomic bombs from going off in Los Angeles.

However, CIA director, Michael Morrell, insists that using torture works.
Senator John McCain, who actually is the only person in Congress to actually have been tortured, begs to  disagree with Mr. Morrell. But, then again, how could someone who was tortured know anything about its effectiveness compared to a man who watches films about torture and saving Los Angeles??