To Unveil Or Not To Unveil, That Is Question!

An Australian judge raised an interesting issue concerning rights of Muslim women who are in a court and confronted with being allowed to keep their veil on or to unveil. Judge Shauna Deane ordered a Muslim woman, Tasneem, to take off her burqa in order to allow members of the jury to see her face when being questioned. Deane argued that while Tasneem had the right to “religious expression,” the jury had the right to examine a face for clues as to whether or not she was telling the truth. There is scant doubt jurors examine facial expressions in their decision as to whether the truth is being expressed. Ironically, Tasneem, removes her burqa at airport to be examined, she removes it in order to obtain a driver’s license and when in buildings where everyone must be examined.

We can never forget that some people carry their emotions on their faces for all to see.