Today The West Bank, Tomorrow???

There are moments in history when an individual nation loses its common sense and proceeds along the road to destruction. Germans allowed Hitler to drag them into the inferno of hell and death during WWII. The current state of Israel is NO version of Hitler, it is no version of massive destruction, but it is a version of blatant hate gone astray. Not  a single nation has supported the Israel decison to construct 3,000 homes in  Palestinian areas and thus make virtually impossible creation of a Palestinian state. On Monday, France, Britain, Spain, Denmark, and Sweden told their Israel ambassador of their opposition to this assault on Palestinians.

Bibi Netanyahu has dug in his heels. When he assumed the office of prime minister, Israel had excellent relations with Turkey, Egypt, Jordan and most European nations. TODAY ISRAEL DOES NOT HAVE A SINGLE NATION  WHICH SUPPORTS ITS IDEAS FOR THE WEST BANK!!  Each day Israel increasingly becomes like South Africa which refused to end Apartheid. Israel is isolated, is is alone and within a few months may witness actions by the US goverment that go beyond expressions of disapproval.

I fear that Netanyahu is depending upon past reversals by European nations as his guideline. Tomorrow may differ from yesterday.