Todd Akin Is Needed!

Web folk are talking about a story from Turkey which deals with a woman who was raped and then proceeded to kill her rapist and place his severed head in a village square. Some applaud the woman for defending her honor and self by wiping out  a rapist while others believe one violent act should not be followed by another violent one. We decided to check with America’s expert on legitimate rapd-Todd Akin.

In all honesty, he did not grant us an interview, but since Clint Eastwood can talk to empty chairs, so can we!

M:  So, Congressman Akin, do you think the woman was right in killing the rapist?

A:  I have no problem in seeing a rapist die, but I am concerned that she murdered the unborn child in her womb.

M:  So, you think she should have gone through with the pregnancy?

A:  Absolutely. Her murder of the child is just as terrible as the murder of the rapist.

M:  So, you would want your daughter to give birth to the rapist’s child?

A:  We cannot kill the innocent.