Toilet Breaks, Teaching And Tea Party

Lillie Leon has been teaching for over thirty years and has now reached the age of 80. She has worked with kindergarten children for over three decades and during that time been responsible for their lives while at school. Lillie is upset. The school has fired our 80 year old guardian of the young because she lacks the energy to walk children to the toilets. As an 80 year old individual, my sympathy is with any old fart like myself. I understand that little kids need to piss during the day, but does that mean we have to shit on this nice old lady whose legs simply are not up to walking around the school?

Of course, in some advanced economic societies, they provide toilets in the kindergarten room, but this is America. We abide by a Tea Party philosophy which insists kids are on their own and walking to toilets is part of becoming a true American patriot. First, you give kids a toilet in their room, then these Socialists demand  free food at lunch and finally-God Forbid!– they demand FREE MEDICAL CARE!

We have a large national debt. It is about time kids begin to pay their faire share of that debt. Of course, when these little ones grow up, they will be paying more than their fair share, unless they wind up in Wall Street whose inhabitants shit on America every day of the week. I am for Lillie, get a toilet in the room. Defy the Tea Party and stand up for  the right of each child in America to piss where they learn!