Tom Cruise: American Hero!

There are men of action, there are Americans who daily risk their lives in the hills of Afghanistan, but none can compare to that incredibly brave man from Hollywood-Tom Cruise. He hurtles through the sky, jumps hundreds of feet at one bound, grabs a girl in one arm and zooms down a hundred story building without moving one hair on his brave head. He currently is engaged in a $50,000,000 law suit against Life & Style magazine who accused him of abandoning his daughter, Suri, in order to make films. Tom is very upset. His actions in the movies are equivalent to being a soldier in Afghanistan and he is entitled to the same respect. “That’s what it feels like,”says Tom, being in Afghanistan and worrying at every moment whether or not he will survive the day.

According to Tom, being a movie star is akin to being an Olympic athlete and he experiences the same physical challenges. I wonder if they award medals to movie stars for their bravery under fire in a film?