Tom Hanks And Politics Of Right Wing Racism

In the fantasy world of right wing pundits like Bill O’Reilly, the war in the Pacific during WWII had nothing to do with racism, it was simply Western nations engaged in a food fight with the Japanese empire. He was furious at comments made by Tom Hanks who stated the presence of racist factors in the Pacific conflict which resembled racism in modern times as exemplified by the war in Iraq. Hanks stated what anyone alive in the 1940s felt by saying: “Back in WWII, we viewed the Japanese as yellow slant-eyed dogs that believed in different gods. They were out to kill us because our way of living was different. We, in turn, wanted to annihilate them because they were different.” He then got into trouble with right wing media ranters by adding, “does this sound familiar with what is going on today?

It is clear that Bill O’Reilly knows as much about the war in the Pacific as he does about the war in Iraq or Afghanistan. The words spoken by Tom Hanks were on the lips and in the hearts of all Americans during the war. The only correction one might make to his statement is we never said, “Japanese,” we said, “Japs.”

The ultimate ignorant comment of Bill O’Reilly was, “why does Hanks want to inject racism into two wars, Japan and the war on terror where racism certainly doesn’t exist.” Really, Reilly, then explain why 5,000 Muslims in America were arrested after 9/11? Racism was the reason 120,000 Japanese Americans were sent to camps even though most were American citizens. Can the O’Reilly factor provide examples in which American citizens were imprisoned–some German aliens were sent to camps.

Another storm in a teacup by conservative idiots.

  • rob

    I’m a Gulf war veteran and what Tom Hanks said is 100 percent accurate. War is racism. Anyone that denies it has never seen the brutality of war up close.

  • Dean

    You people are absolutely diseased,….. unbelievably caught up in some Utopian concept that peace is everyone’s destiny on this planet. I love this comment,….”War is racism. Anyone that denies it has never seen the brutality of war up close.” Are you kidding me? That is an extreme grasp of the obvious. Anyone who’s been in an authentic battle for their very existence isn’t thinking about racism. How about survival?

    What difference does it make what racial slurs are being tossed around when your in a life or death fight? What are you going to say when someone comes up to you on the street and kick’s you in the teeth?,…..”He was a very interesting but distrubed person,…well dressed although not very well mannered. Probably had a bad childhood.” Then the cops say,”Can you tell me what he or she looked like?” Well, I’d really rather not say because I’d be profiling this person and that’s not being P.C.”

    What are you,…nuts? You’re lucky to be alive pinhead. What if this person tried to kill you??? No anger, huh? Well, you’re either full of crap or got S.F.B.’s.

    We’re all lucky to be here to begin with from the efforts our parents and grandparents made during W.W.II. You can’t compare all the other political occupations we’ve encountered with the honorable W.W.II. Your trying to compare a Norman Rockwell scene to a red baby doper diaper orgy at woodstock.

    You paint your socialist agenda with a very wide brush but are the first to show hypocracy. Why? Why do you do that? Who are people anyway? You can’t be patriots. You can’t be christians. It’s true you are American by birth,….living amongst those who would die for our country to maintain our way of life,……no matter what race advanced their agenda upon us. So, who are you?

    Racism vs America. It’s really simple. I choose America. Those living here as citizens of this great country are free to enjoy their God given class. Those who believe that the abolishment of all racism can be achieved and would sell our country down river to try and get it,…..can leave. Good luck with that.

    Oh, by the by,….racism has been a problem in every culture for,….hmmm,….I’ll venture to say,….since the beginning of time. Today this country probably could not defeat the adversaries’ of W.W.I let alone W.W.II because of political correctness. Thanks guys.

  • David

    There’s simple, and then there’s simplistic.

    Simple – survive, help others and do your best to protect the ones you love. Simplistic – reduce a complex issue into a dualistic argument in order to support one’s opinion. Why can’t the reality of WWII be both honorable and dishonorable? Did the Greatest Generation overcome one of the gravest threats to freedom and democracy in the 20th century? Yes. Did our country also throw away some of our citizens’ inalienable rights for a time due to fear and racial profiling? Yes.

    I understand that you have very rigid views of what is right and wrong, Dean, but like history, the world can be both simple and complex. Ignoring the latter just makes your argument simplistic. And are you really saying that people who were born in America won some kind of cosmic lottery, chosen by a Christian God? It is one thing to be personally certain of one’s place in the cosmos, and another to forcibly apply that opinion as the “correct” reality for everyone else on the planet, including those who were not winners of the aforementioned lottery.