Tommy Altha, Real American!

Tommy Altha is a landlord who has problems with tenants and believes he must take a strong stand against those who do not pay rent on time. He had some soldier in an apartment and Sgt.Mark Porrazzo failed to pay the rent on time. What else could any red blooded American landlord do but throw the bum out? After all, if you allow tenants to get the idea they are entitled to an apartment it will lead to the death of capitalism in this nation. So, Tommy evicted the soldier and trashed his belongings.

Gee, turns out Sgt. Porrazzo was in the hospital. Big deal. I don’t know but a host of people are taking the side of this moocher from the army who did NOT pay his rent. They are sending emails and complaints to poor Tommy. Look, Mitt Romney says that men like Tommy are job creators and it is time to  prevent Socialist President Obama from taking away the Constitutional rights of landlords. Don’t pay the rent, out you go! It is CAPITALISM!