Tomorrow In Afghanistan?

Time is growing shorter and shorter as to what will be the situation in Afghanistan when NATO and American troops depart. In theory, Afghanistan has become a more peaceful land, but that is just, in theory. In reality, Afghanistan is a mess. The Taliban has regained power in many areas of the nation. Once American forces are gone, so has an airforce, so have helicopters to bring supplies and fire power quickly to remote area. An Afghan warlord, yes, there remain Afghan war lords, has proposed the rearmament of local militias who would be charged with local defense. Ismail Khan argues the Afghan army is incapable of providing peace and security to the country. He argues the only logical solution is a arming local militias who would be more prone to defend their villages than Afghan troops who lack such interest for areas that are not part of their ethnic background.

His ideas make sense but it is doubtful that President Karzai would surrender power to those not part of his clique. After all, if strangers have weapons then will they use them to make money from the drug business?