Tone Down War Rhetoric, Mr President, Urge Democrat Senators

A group of 30 Democratic senators led by former Vietnam War veteran, Senator Jim Webb of Virginia, urged President Bush to tone down his threats about war with Iran. The senators reminded the president that Congress had not authorized any military action against Iran and economic sanctions imposed by the Republican administration and “provocative” statements by Bush and other administration officials were “counterproductive and undermine efforts to resolve tensions with Iran through diplomacy.” They pledged cooperation in working with the Bush administration to safeguard the United States and promote regional peace and security in the Middle East without need of war. Two presidential candidates, Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Chris Dodd, were among those signing the letter.

This is a much needed action on the part of Congress to reduce tensions in the Middle East. The United Nations is attempting to work through diplomatic channels in order to resolve issues dealing with nuclear development on the part of Iran. The UN deserves an opportunity to attain peaceful resolution of the problem. One can only assume that President Bush has forgotten the last time he refused allowing the UN to solve the problem of Saddam Hussein’s famous WMD. The world and 3,800 dead American soldiers know the result of his refusal to work cooperatively in peaceful negotiation. George Bush so enjoys playing to the grandstand of emotions that he fails to act in his role as president of this nation whose sworn duty is maintaining peace and security of the people.