Tony Blair And Politics Of Secrecy

The United Kingdom, unlike the Obama Administration, has established a govenment body that is engaged in studying the origin of the war in Iraq that began with a joint US-UK invasion. Former prime minister Tony Blair will be speaking to the Chilcot inquiry, but his testimony will be kept secret on grounds it involves national security since it concerns disussions with former President George Bush. The argument is revealing these conversations would violate national security and damage the United Kingdom’s relations with the United States. Ironically, just a few days ago, Tony Blair gave a telelvision interview in which he admitted that he would have supported the Iraq invasion even though he knew there were no WMD. Since this admission is public, what would he tell the Chilcot inquiry that already has not been discussed in public?

We all recall vividly that George Bush and Tony Blair repeatedly argued the road to war w as necessary because Saddam Hussein had WMD which could be sent in the direction of the United States or the UK. Blair now admits he lied to the people of his nation and tot he world. Isn’t it about time families of those who died in the tragic invasion of Iraq finally learned why their loved ones died and who was responsible for their deaths?

I hope the Obama administration is reading these stories and wll get around to an American inquiry into why over 4,000 Americans died and 32,000 were wounded.