Tony Blair, Buddy Of Thugs!

Former prime minister Tony Blair as a member of the Labor Party is linked to an historic political organization which fought for human rights against Nazi Germany and other Fascist groups. To be a Socialist in the first half of the 20th century was to stand for social justice and oppose those who oppressed the weak and defenseless. But, Tony Blair is a man who is most concerned about power and the exercise of it. It is now discovered that upon assuming office in the 1990s, he reached out to the brutal regime of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe and attempted to cooperate with a thug dictator in order to secure trade for his country. Despite the fact Mugabe’s notorious Fifth Brigade had killed thousands of innocent people of Matabeleland, Blair told Mugabe of his warm admiration he held and could he please work with England on trade relations. The bottom line for Blair was not social justice, but more money. At the time, Robert Mugabe referred to the UK prime minister in this way: “I have great hopes of Tony Blair. Mrs. Thatcher describes me as a terrorist, but Tony Blair is different.”

Tony, did you ever believe people would describe Margaret Thatcher as a fighter for human rights while describing you as a bed fellow of brutality and horror?