Tony Blair Campaigns For European Leadership

Tony Blair launched his campaign to become the first full-fledged President of the European Union by disparaging the concept of lelft and right wing politics as having any meaning in the modern European world. Frace is charged with overseeing the appointment process which led the former British prime minister to engate with French officials regarding issues facing the EU. Speaking in French, Blair commented, “Europe is not a question of left or right, but a question of the future or the past, of strength or weakness.” Blair emphasized the globalization was eradicating traditional party lines and class distinctions and rendeering old political remedies obsolete. “It’s about today versus yesterday. Less about politics and more about a state of mind, open as opposed to closed.”

President Sarkozy of France emphasized that Europe could not continue with its prsent system of recurring presidents, but needs strong leadership over an extended period of time. He described Blair as anexcellent candidate for the positioin. “He is intelligent, he is brave and he is a friend. We need him in Europe.” The new position of President of the European Council is expected to become a much more important office than what has transpired in the past due to rotation of those serving.

In a sense, Europe is in an analogous position to that of America in 1789 when it began its new government with a new position of leadership under George Washington. At that time, no one could forsee what might happen to the power of the president. Who knows what awaits Europe.