Tony Blair–He Knew Right People

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is back in the news as reports increasingly reveal that he developed close relationships with Rupert Murdoch while leading the nation. He even became a godfather to one of Murdoch’s children. Blair’s former lieutenant, Lord Mandelson, describes this duo in this manner: “personal relationships between Mr. Blair and Rupert Murdoch became closer than wise.” I guess some would claim having the Prime Minister become the buddy of a leading businessmen who owns gobs of newspapers is not proper.

The real issue of Tony Blair is his close relationship with former President George Bush. Evidence was presented at the Chilcot Inquiry that Blair knew there were no WMD and did nothing to dissuade Bust from pursuing his mad war in Iraq. Blair colluded with Bush, he failed to fight for peace and his actions led to the death of hundreds of British soldiers.

Oh, I forgot that Blair found religion –and lots of money!