Tony Blair Lied Say Colleagues

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair enjoys playing Mr. Tough Guy when appearing before the Chilcot Inquiry. According to Tony, he always was honest, open and clear regarding his intention to work with George Bush in taking out Saddam Hussein. In fact, as he insists, it had nothing to do with WMD, but everything to do to pursue the dreams of George and Tony to bring democracy and peace to the Middle East. Blair expresses amazement that anyone who served in the Labor government was not aware as to the direction of his policies in that region of the world. Lord Wilson and Lord Turnbull, both heads of the civil service under Blair, told the Chilcot Inquiry that many members of the Cabinet were kept in the dark about his desire for war with Iraq. Wilson, the Cabinet Secretary from 1998-2002, described a meeting with the prime minister in April, 2002 where he was assured by Blair that “nothing was imminent.” Wilson went on to say, “I don’t think anyone would have gone away thinking they had authorized a course of action that would lead to military action.” Turnbull who took over in 2002 disagrees with the Blair assertion “they knew the score” about his intention to go along with Bush on the invasion of Iraq. According to Turnbull, Blair did not share his views about the invasion until shortly before military action occurred.

Tony Blair, like George Bush, refuses to acknowledge a mistake was made in March, 2003 by invading Iraq. There was no urgency, there was no need to proceed without allowing UN inspectors to conclude their investigation. Turnbull and Wilson offer testimony as to the distortion of Blair in twisting the facts in order to justify the Bush/Blair blunder of March, 2003.