Tony Blair-Macho Man

It is interesting to note how men like Tony Blair who have never served in military forces, have never confronted death, are quite tough in being able to make decisions that lead other men to die. Blair, in his second meeting before the Chilcot Inquiry which is investigating why the UK joined in the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Blair once again defended his actions, but did add he “deeply regretted the loss of life.” But, he wanted the world to be clear that it was time to end the “wretched policy of apology.” After all, neither George Bush nor he actually ever killed anyone so how could they be charged with the death of soldiers? He began his testimony describing the rising threat of Iran which is destabilizing the region because “they fundamentally disagree with our way of life.” He insisted that as prime minister he did not have to listen or accept the advice of Attorney General Goldsmith who raises questions regarding the legality of going to war without specific authorization by the United Nations.

Several issues arise from his testimony.

1. If he believes that Iran is a major threat to the region, why did he join in a war that destroyed the major enemy of Iran and thus left it stronger?

2. He claims Iran was hostile, but President Khatami, then head of the Iran government, provided intelligence information to assist in the invasion of Afghanistan and offered to meet with American and British leaders in an effort to resolve outstanding issues between his nation and the world. His offer was rejected.

3. Prior to the invasion, al-Qaeda, at most, had a few thousand members. As a result of the invasion there forces increased tenfold.

4. Why didn’t he support waiting a few more months until UN inspectors completed their investigation? Why the rush to judgment?

5. Does anyone actually believe he never discussed with George Bush discussions in his Cabinet?