Tony Blair – New EU President?

Former British prime minister Tony Blair is working hard to secure the position of the first permanent president of the European Union. The current British prime minister Gordon Brown is not the most vocal supporter of his former boss, but he is ready to see the appointment of Blair because he believes it would be in his nation’s interests to have someone from England in such an important role. He has put past antagonism away and is urging other European leaders to back Blair. French President Sarkozy who many thought would make a run for the position has come out in support of Blair.

The concept of a permanent president of the European Union is felt to be an important step in creating a more continental government. Everything now depends on the vote of Ireland in favor of the Lisbon Treaty.

  • Rayatcov

    Here are the views of Tony Blair, ‘The Man Who Would Be King’, about the EU;
    ‘Above all, the European Economic Community takes away Britain’s freedom to follow the sort of economics we need’.
    Tony Blair, writing his personal manifesto when standing for Parliament in 1982.

    We’ll negotiate a withdrawal from the EEC whish has drained our natural resources and destroyed jobs’.
    Plediging his opposition to the EEC when standing for Parliament in Sedgefield in 1983.

    On the day we remember the legend that St George slayed the dragon to protect England, some would argue that there is another dragon to be slayed: in Europe’.
    In an interview with ‘The Sun’ newspaper on St George’s Day in 1997.

    I am a passionate pro-European. I always have been’.
    Speaking to the European Parliament in 2005.