Tony Blair On How Not To Further Peace Efforts!

Tony Blair, former prime minister of Great Britain currently serves as the envoy of the Quartet of Middle East Mediators, which is working to establish conditions for peace in the region. Months after the Israel invasion of Gaza, Mr. Blair decided it might be time for him to actually find out what is going on in the area. “I waned to come to hear for myself, first hand, from people in Gaza whose lives have been so badly impacted by the recent conflict.” He apparently did not think Gazans might be curious that an important official who is charged with furthering peace did not believe it was necessary to go to Gaza during the fighting and lend his good office to peace efforts. Blair, who has continually followed the leadership of George Bush made clear he had no plans to visit with Hamas officials.

It is about time the UN and the European Union, and any other body interested in attaining peace in the Middle East got rid of Blair whose incompetence in this position is only matched by his incompetence in the events leading up to the invasion of Iraq. How can anyone achieve peace in the region without dialoguing with Hamas?