Tony Blair–President Of Europe?

The European Union has changed its system of who serves in the role of President of Europe. Up to this point in time, it has been held on a rotating process in which various countries take turns selecting the person who will fill the position. However, in the coming months a new process will have the position filled by an individual who will serve a two and a half year term. Tony Blair, former prime minister of England is viewed by many as the person who should take over the job. President Nicolas Sarkozy of France described Blair as “the most European of all Britons” and said he would be an excellent choice. However, many Europeans have misgivings because of Blair’s close ties with George Bush and his support of the Iraq war. Another question is whether Blair would accept a job that is more symbolic than having power.

The position of president of Europe may well begin with limited power for the possessor of the job, but, time and circumstances could well increase power vested in the position.

  • Adam

    Just two trivial points about naming in an otherwise flawless article;

    Blair was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, not england, england, in the time when it was an independent state never had a prime minister.
    Second, it’s not the presidency of Europe but of the European Council, one institution, the president of the Council would probably be less directly powerful than the president of the Commission or president of the Parliament. There is no president of the European Union although there is a proposal to combine the presidency of the Council (the one you’re talking about here) and the presidency of the Commission into one, directly elected post called the President of the European Union

  • Fred Stopsky

    The expression, “President of Europe” was a metaphor, that’s all.