Tony Blair-Princess Diana Manipulator-Not Bush!

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair went to Ireland, but he was not greeted so much with warmth as with eggs and shoes thrown by anti-war protestors who are furious at what he said in a new book. Blair made nasty remarks concerning Princess Diana whom he termed to be a “manipulator,” but as far as his buddy George Bush is concerned, this is a a man for the ages. He admires the former president as a true friend and fighter for freedom in the world. OK, so there were no WMD as claimed by the American president, but, what the heck, he did kill a lot of Muslims,and for Tony Blair, the real threat in this world comes from radical Islamics. “I think it is rather similar to revolutionary communism.” How could a man raised in Socialist philosophy which historically worked for peace in the world support the inane, inept policies of George Bush which did more to create radical Islamic groups than any person in modern history?

Tony Blair is not a stupid person, he is well read, but for some reason has decided George Bush is a man to follow. His book depicts bouts with alcoholism and some depression, but there undoubtedly are aspects of his mind that Blair has been able to grasp. For some reason, he has placed trust in George Bush as among the highest priorities in his life. Why?