Tony Blair Refused To Listen To Truth

Lord Goldsmith, the chief legal advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair in 2003 told the Chilcot Inquiry his attempts to become involved in offering legal advice to the British government was denied. He had previously warned the prime minister that if he joined the US initiated invasion without authorization from the United Nations it would be a breach of international law. Goldsmith told the inquiry: “I was not being sufficiently involved in the meetings and discussions about the (UN) resolution.” He went on to claim Blair’s chief of staff, Jonathan Powell told him: “I was not being called on to give advice at this stage.” Goldsmith has openly disagreed with Prime Minister Blair that Britain could invade Iraq without UN approval.

The Attorney General of a nation warns against an invasion on legal grounds and he is ignored. Oh well, we await George Bush’s interpretation of how he went ahead with an invasion even though his buddy, Tony Blair must have informed the president what the UK attorney general thought about such a move.