Tony Blair Rejected Option To Opt Out Of Iraq War

Further revelations from the new biography, “Blair Unbound” reveal that Prime Minister Tony Blair was offered the option by George Bush of keeping his nation out of the invasion of Iraq but turned down the offer. According to author Anthony Seldon, nine days before the House of Commons backed the war, Bush told Condi Rice, his National Security adviser, that Britain could remain out of the invasion force and might assist once the war was over. Rice told Seldon, the president said: “We can’t have the British Government fail because of this decision over war…I have to tell Tony that he doesn’t have to do this.” Blair was informed of this offer, but rejected avoiding war and told his friend, George Bush, “I said I’m with you. I mean it.” According to the book, Blair decided in 2002 the drift toward war was dangerous but held back and, in effect, told Bush he could do whatever he wished and Britain would go along with his decision.

This is a pathetic story of a nation whose leader sold them out due to friendship. For some inexplicable reason, Tony Blair simply had to go along with the wild man from the plains of Texas. Blair could have adopted the role of being a calm individual who persuaded Bush to calm down and go slowly, but apparently he preferred the role of acting as a junior partner who went along with the crowd. Tony Blair, you are NOT a Winston Churchill!