Tony Blair Tells All–Sort Of All

Former prime minister Tony Blair has decided to tell the world all about his life as a leader of the United Kingdom. Naturally, this means information on what he drank, how much he drank, the women he screwed and so on. Of course, the screwing of thousands of British soldiers who were killed or wounded in his crazy decision to allow England to enter the war in Iraq are no clearly discussed in this volume. Instead of discussing conversations with George Bush in which he should have informed the nut from Texas there were no WMD in Iraq, the UK leader went along and urged on the decision for war about nothing. His book devotes considerable space for his discussion of the incompetence of George Brown who followed his term of office and soon realized Tony had left him a mess.

We do learn all about this man’s sex life and his desire to drown himself in alcohol. There is something sad about a supposedly intelligent man focusing on booze and blonds rather than on decision making which entailed the lives of his soldiers.