Tony Blair–“Very Strong On God,Very Weak On Irony”

The Archbishop of Canterbury followed the recent testimony of former prime minister Tony Blair at the Chicot inquiry into origins of the Iraq war. He urged Blair to recognize his “absurdity,” and suggested he read a bit of Dostoevsky in order to understand the nature of what constitutes soul searching. Unfortunately, for Blair, it appears he loves to go to church and echo religious platitudes, but the man lacks any capacity to search into his own soul and grasp the nature of his absurd decision to send his country into a war. A venture into the writings of Dostoevsky leads any reader into encounters with characters that spend their lives soul searching.

Rowan Williams said, “I did once rather unkindly say that Tony Blair did do God but he didn’t do irony. Irony is when you recognize that your own sense of dramatic power is always something that is going to be absurd in the light of truth. The readiness to cope with that absurdity is something that you have to learn in order to grow up.”

Unfortunately, Tony Blair was unable to utter a single regret for sending hundreds of British soldiers to their death as well as thousands of Iraqis. The ultimate in his absurdity is claiming that Saddam Hussein not only threatened “a region, but the world.” Yes, Tony, he threatened the world with an army that was wiped out during the Gulf War in a few days and wiped out again in 2003!