Tony Blair Was Depressed Over Iraq War

Last month, a defiant Tony Blair appeared before the Chilcot inquiry into the origin of the war in Iraq and bluntly said that he had “not a regret” about joining with his buddy, George Bush, and having his nation participate in the overthrow of Saddam Hussein. However, a new book by Andrew Rawnsley, “The End Of The Party,” reveals a very different tale. According to the account revealed in the book, former prime minister Tony Blair went into a deep depression after the invasion and apparently had many regrets as to what he helped initiate. Several times he told friends that he was “spaced out” and that he awoke in the morning with sweat trickling down his back due to the tension of having his nation at war.

It appears throughout the war, Blair and Gordon Brown conducted their own personal war. Brown was infuriated that Blair went back on his promise to resign in 2004 so that Brown could become prime minister. Most probably, the bottom line is that a Gordon Brown government would not have changed Iraq policy and today we would be angry at Brown, not Blair. I guess it comes down to which “B” comes first.