Tony Bliar Was A Fool More Than A Liar!

In a sharply written and insightful column, British Patrick Cockburn demolishes the testimony given by former prime minister Tony Blair to the Chilcot inquiry. Cockburn suggests that signs being held that said Bliar was a “liar” and “murderer” should have stated he was a “fool” and a “sucker.” In his testimony, Bliar claimed he was surprised that Iran and al-Qaeda intervened in the war because in his view and that of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld Iran did not wish to have a Shiite democracy on its doorsteps! “His greatest weakness was not so much that he adjusted facts to support his policies, but he had so little grasp of the facts in the first place.” His comments were a mixture of “amateurism and evangelical conviction which made Blair such a lethally inept leader before and during the war in Iraq.”

Anyone who has read at least one book about the Iranian government knows it is led by Shiites who hated Sunni Saddam Hussein and they WELCOMED NOT OPPOSED’ the emergence of a Shiite government in Iraq. Iran has been aiding the current Iraq government! But, then again, George Bush never quite grasped the difference between the Sunni and Shiites in the first place.

Tony Bliar is an incompetent fool and his testimony is insulting to the intelligence of the British people.