Tonyt Blair Unbound-Story Of A Man Who Gave In To Fear

Anthony Seldon, in his new biography of Tony Blair, Blair Unbound, reveals that Colin Powell and Jack, Straw, the former foreign secretary, attempted to control the two leaders from their failed venture in Iraq. Powell told Seldon: “In the end Blair would always support the president. I found this very surprising. I never really understood why Blair seemed to be in such harmony with bush. I thought, well, the Brits haven’t been attacked on 9/11. How did he reach the point that he sees Saddam as such a threat? Jack and I would get him all pumped up about an issue, and he would be ready to say, ‘look here, George,’ but as soon as he saw the president he would lose all the steam.” Seldon claims two of Blair’s senior advisors, David Manning and Baroness Sally Morgan argued against the war. It appears Britain’s ambassador to the US Sir Christopher Meyer also argued against entering the war.

The Seldon book is a sad commentary on the man, Tony Blair, and his failures in leadership. One can only wonder at what might have happened if Tony Blair had taken a decisive step to defend the world against the impulsiveness of George Bush.