Too Little Too Late To Halt Global Changes

Fox News pundits who pretend to know something concerning global changes in our weather assure their listeners there is nothing to wild exaggerated claims by LIBERALS concerning how our planet is undergoing significant alterations in how it exists. Scientists with NASA who work on weather now are convinced that major portions of the west Antarctic are collapsing. It has begun and there is no possibility of their gradually increasing collapse into the oceans. It is now estimated this process will continue throughout this century, and by the 22nd century the process will accelerate. They predict a rise in sea levels of about ten feet within two hundred years. Two hundred years means nothing in the life span of this Earth, but it means something to we humans who only emerged about 50,000 years ago.

Thomas Wagner of the NASA project made clear there is no turning back, we are now trapped in the outcome of decisions made, and that continue to be made by we ignorant humans. “This is really happening.There is nothing to stop it now. You are still limited by physics of how fast the ice can melt.” Warm water from ocean depths are a major factor in what is occurring. Fox News cute pert girls can giggle, unfortunately, they are NOT scientists. The world IS getting warmer and consequences arise from that FACT!