Once upon a time we naive Americans believed the Bush-Cheney absorption in secrecy would end once we elected the supposedly open minded Barack Obama as president of the nation. Alas, that was a dream because we inhabit what Washington Post writers, Dana Priest and William Arkin term, Top Secret America, a nation in which hundreds of thousands ply their daily trade in the world of secrets. In this world, there are Russian spies who steal recipes for apple pie and American spies who classify as top secret what is known on the streets of Cairo. Ah, but make such accusations and Top Secret America will respond with claims they “thwarted” terrible attacks on America and since we can not reveal what was prevented it is impossible to verify the accuracy of such statements. A half century ago, outgoing President Dwight Eisenhower warned about the growing alliance between the military and corporate America, today there is an alliance of bureaucrats and business who make billions from “thwarting” alleged assaults on the nation.

The myth of “Top Secret” is a colossal hoax, particularly when thousands of people have access to “top secret.” Anyone who trusts a corporation to maintain secrecy lives in a dream world. Top Secret is simply an opportunity for corporations to make billions of dollars pretending to “save America.” The only piece of America that is saved is the money they place in banks.