Topsy Turvy Egyptian Sexual Harassment Case!

Several weeks ago, in a landmark case, an Egyptian court held a young man guilty of sexual harassment, the first time this had happened in the nation. Naglaa El Emam, the lawyer who represented the woman in the case, Noha Roushdy, suddenly announced she was switching sides and would now represent the defendant. She learned that Ms. Roushdy was an Israel Arab which for some reason angered the lawyer. She also learned that the defendant had filed a civil harassment against a public officer in France and won the case. Perhaps, the nail in the coffin was a statement by Ms. Roushdy that her native Israel was a “respectable state.” Apparently, there is a move to throw Ms. Roushdy out of the country.

The issue is sexual harassment, not the nationality of the woman who was abused. The lawyer in this case has an ethical responsibility to defend any woman, regardless of race, religion or nationality.