Torch Of Patriotism Or Torch Of Oppression?

As the Olympic torch made its way through the streets of Hong Kong, angry crowds shouted at one another and waved their separate banners of greeting. Pro-tibetans waved in anger at the torch bearers while Chinese responded with cries of patriotism and denounced those who failed showing respect to the nation. A 21 year-old university student, Christina Chan, drapped herself in a Tibetan flag which aroused the anger of nationalist Chinese. Police had to intervene and take her away before an explosion of anger erupted from the pro-Chinese demonstrators.

The city government encouraged citizens to wear patriotic red and they clearly dominated those observing the flag procession. Lhadon Tethong, executive director of Students for a Free Tibet, had vowed dto do “everything in their power to protest the torch relay” and while they made their views known, the torch went on its way to the final destination in Beijing.

Movie star Mia Farrow landed in Hong Kong and assured authorities she would not create any disruption regarding the Olympic torch relay.